How to remove the ban on players in CS 1.6

How to remove the ban on players in CS 1.6

And so all of you greetings Amatory and today I will show you how to remove the ban on the player on your CS 1.6 server.
remove the ban on server CS 1.6,
To begin, consider the types bans.
1. Normal bank provided through amxmodmenu banyuschy player by IP
2. Ban in all known plug amx_bancs.amxx

Now consider the ban list and where they are.
1. In the first case (ban through amxmodmenu) banlist located in cstrike where you can

find the file listip.cfg in it and is a standard list of bans incurred through command amx_ban
2. The second type of ban (a ban that is a plug-in amx_bancs.amxx) banlist located at

(/ Cstrike / addons / amxmodx / data) and data located in the folder itself banlist plugin banlist.txt

So how do you unban a player?
You can use the usual server console or notepad.

Commands to unban players in console
1. amx_unban [Player Name] or [Player IP] - this way for players razbanevaniya zabaninyh by

Team amx_ban
2. amx_unbancs "Player Name" - this way for players banned Unbanning plugin amx_bancs.amxx

If your server is on your personal PC or you have FTP access to it then you can clear the bank lists the usual notebook. Namely, open files and listip.cfg banlist.txt via notepad and clear their contents, after which all bans to be treated.

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